Little Miss Active


Midweek of Little Miss school midterm break and I’m loving every second we’re spending our time together. My daughter and I went shopping, getting pedicures, she did a few survival basic cooking on her own (sunny side up egg and instant ramen noodle!), gave her closets spring cleaning (told her a few KonMari tips) and we both read several good books in between. Not forgetting the highlight of the week, she finally made her own slime ( the goop DIY craze!), she was beaming with pride when she get the perfect slime consistency with colours and glitters   (a few hiccups in the beginning of the project but she was able to fix it after a few tries).

Due to her swimming competition coming up this weekend she she still has to do body conditioning and swimming training almost daily.

Today I baked Chocolate Madeleine’s for her after training snacks, packed her extra large water cooler and a headset for me. The weather is still very nice to be outdoors in Manila, I’ve been really enjoying my quiet time by the poolside watching my daughter swimming. On that note, time for this mama to get going,  ta ta for now ❤

Little Miss Baker


First day of school term break, my daughter is on a mission. She told me over the weekend that my chocolate chips cookies were lacking substantial amount of chocolate chips, it should be triple the amount (haha!). I told her that it was my normal recipe perhaps she doesn’t remember since I haven’t baked it for a while. My smarty pants then challenged me, she said can I please bake it myself?

So there she was on a Monday morning in my baking studio, pouring loads of semi-sweet chocolate chips on her cookie dough and baking away. She was so proud of her creations she brought it to her swimming training for her after training session snacks.

Well, let me put it this way, if I swam as many laps as her in couple hours per day I will want triple amount of chocolate chips on my cookie as well 🙂


Market Findings


Once a week I made a trip to Farmers Market nearby our neck of the wood here in Manila, it’s my way of knowing what fresh items are in season. This week I discovered that avocados and mangoes were crowding the shelves on fresh fruits sections, hoooraayy!

My daughter will have her favourite sliced mangoes and freshly baked alfajores for her after school activities snacks today and Saba banana fritter for me, yum!

About last night …

On Valentine’s Day, my better half walked in with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a huge chunk of lush rose soap into our home, very sweet of him. This year instead of going out for romantic dinner and braving the traffic we’ve invited our neighbors and another close friends of ours to join us for dinner at home. We had a blast!

I cooked Bania (my mother in law recipe of Okra and Lamb stew), Pulled pork ribs, oxtail soup (Indonesian style) and chopped fresh veggies to go with it. Baked upside down banana cake, leche flan, gluten free brownies and alfajores, my kitchen was overflowing with goodies!

My favourite part of the evening was the wonderful time we spent with our friends, Valentine’s dinner at its best ♥


It stands for Lions Gymnastics Club, my daughter’s school gymnastics team. We had social gathering after training session to celebrate the team members on their FOBISIA 2017 achievement yesterday.  I’ve made banana chocolate bundt cake, sugar cookies and chocolate cookies, ordered 100 pcs pork BBQ (my daughter favourite skewers food!) and we’ve got parents sending all kinds of food which the hungry gymnasts enjoyed immensely. So nice to see parents, kiddos and coaches were engaging in lovely chat in between munching yummy treats. Congratulations Team