The Beginning of a New Hobby

When I found out that our daughter has severe nuts allergy at the age of 1 year old, I start making a list of everything that she eat each day, some sort of food diary. I realized that after sometimes there were not much varieties in her daily food intake since I’m afraid to add anything new. Then I decided to bake banana bread over the weekend for the family to enjoy and it was a big success. After couple of weeks baking banana bread in loaf tin I ventured out by using the same recipe in a muffin tins, it was even bigger success, my daughter loves it since she can hold the whole “cake” in her hand and I can store the whole batch easily in the fridge, made it easy to pull out one if she wants some “treat” and its healthy too.

On her 2nd birthday I made mini cupcakes ( my 5th attempt) for her party favor only to realize that her birthday cake (a Barney theme cake) was using hazelnut spread as the frosting. So I pulled out all the cupcakes from the goodie bags and make a giant number 2 out of it, add the candles … voila, my first cupcakes cake!

From then on the cupcakes orders start flowing in, must admit I have a great time baking and decorating cupcakes, its my newfound hobby and I’m loving it!