Pretty Cookies

My love of baking started with my very first batch of vanilla cookies made from scratch, it was my signature cookies back in 2003. I tried so many different recipes afterwards, loving every single one of them but always prefer to bake cookies than cake (except for Toblerone brownies .. hehe). When my daughter was born I have no time to bake cute cookies anymore, she’s taking all my time pretty much (I only have 2 hrs of sleep till she’s 6 months old !) then I baked cakes more often, its easy to whip one batch of medium cake, decorate and ready to serve.

Last November on my daughter 2nd birthday was my first attempt on making pretty cupcakes and I am hooked, I’ve been baking soooo many batches of cupcakes that I lost counts by now

Suddenly, today .. out of the blue.. I ‘m craving for my butter cookies with icing on top .. I baked them with no hesitation just now, large size (my fave) with royal icing on top .. yuuummmmyyy …. anybody wants cookies ?

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