Cupcakes Frenzy in Jakarta Post

My first media exposure, yaayy! Below is the article,┬áread on ……
Jakarta’s Cupcakes Craze
Alvin Darlanika Soedarjo, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta
June 29, 2008
Cupcakes have taken Jakarta by storm, and many people cannot get enough of their creamy goodness.
In other countries, such as the United States, Canada and Australia, cupcake madness has prompted people to be more creative than ever when it comes to making and presenting these cakey desserts (they even put together stacks and stacks of cupcakes to make one big cake).
Esti Feuermann, who creates and sells cupcakes in Jakarta through her CupCakes Frenzy outlet, said business was booming because many people found her offerings a great alternative to purchasing a whole cake.
“They are delicious, pretty and individually portioned. You won’t have a lot of cake leftovers after a party or gathering since it’s easy to transport cupcakes and everybody loves them,” Esti said.
She created her first cupcakes for her daughter’s second birthday party.
Esti’s cupcakes turn up all over Jakarta for all kinds of special occasions. She handles everything from small individual orders to more challenging orders of more than 300 pieces with custom colors and words.
So what are the ingredients?
The cake part of the cupcake can be anything from carrot cake to banana cake or a muffin.
If you want to learn more about the ingredients, the best thing is to sample a few of the cupcakes, said Esti, who is very careful about guarding her recipes.
She makes a whole range of cupcakes, including dates, walnut & chocolate cupcakes, orange & poppy seed cupcakes, lemon cupcakes, dulce de leche (caramel) cupcakes, banana & chocolate cupcakes and coffee cupcakes.
Children, she said, are particularly fond of the vanilla, Oreo, chocolate and strawberry cupcakes, said Esti.
“I don’t consider it as much baking as an art. One only needs to try one to truly appreciate the love and dedication that goes into making each and every cupcake.”
She said she was not willing to sacrifice on quality.
“I do not use pre-mixed preservatives, flavorings or emulsifiers. I personally bake each order from start to finish.”
The Cakeshop at the Mulia Hotel is also promoting its own cupcakes, which are made of cake, sugar icing and buttercream.
“In previous centuries, before muffin tins, bakers often used teacups to bake mini cakes. Hence the term ‘cupcake,'” the hotel explains in a card that accompanies every purchase of its custom-made cupcakes.
Cupcakes by Chocalot, which is located at EX Bridge in Plaza Indonesia, also feeds on people’s desire to savor these sweet delicacies.
“We started selling cupcakes alongside other items at our Chocalot store. We established the specialty cupcake shop in December 2007. Due to popular demand, we will open two more stores, in Citos (Cilandak Town Square) and FX,” owner Alvina Santoso said
She said that she treated her cupcakes like a fashion brand, always introducing new designs and flavors.

Golf Theme

Golf Theme Cuppies - photo 1

My first Golf Theme cupcakes (^_^)

These are made for Rena as a gift for her brother, Arwin, a Golf lover.

Took me 3 days to really put my thinking caps on, half a day to bake and decorating it.

Its all edible (grass were buttercream, golf ball & tee were made from fondant) and I’m so glad everybody loves it (including my darling hubby).

Below is how they all look in Wilton 23 cupcakes stand.

Golf Theme Cuppies - photo 3

Summertime FUN

Strawberry with Chocolate Topper

These are Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry buttercream (hence the pink sandy result), made for Yuni’s order for a girlfriend B’day gift.

I’m using summer theme chocolate topper, took me forever to do it but the result was soooo satisfying,

one happy baker here !!!!

Chocolate Topper

Chocolate Topper

Rinna asked me to wrap the cupcakes individually for Tizia’s friends in school, its their last day and every parents send the kids to school with something small.

It was 24 vanilla & chocolate cupcakes, I add cute chocolate topper and its good to go.

Apparently it was a big hit in Tizia’s school that day,

thank you Rinna !!!!


These are 48 Mini Cupcakes (24 caramel & 24 Oreo), made for Iris order. I love the Burgundy color next to the Pink, its gorgeous !!!!

Below photo is taken in the Wilton container, ready to go.


24 Mini Oreo


These are made for Nita’s Order.

Finally I concocted best vanilla cupcakes ever .. tried and tested for several order, got the best compliments among those I baked since beginning, this is it .. winning recipe, yaaaaayyyy !

Also, swirl are just so much fun on cupcakes, these swirls come from 3 different size tips, aren’t they pretty ?

Cupcakes Bouquet

These are 38 chocolate cupcakes for Livy’s 31st b’day on June 3rd’08.

Took the picture at 7.30 am in the morning *yawn* and far from finishing it !!! I add chocolate topper on top (with teddy bear) and some cute candles. by the time I finish it I have to pack ’em and get in the car to deliver it all the way to Tangerang !!!!

Must say that I love ’em plain like this better .. looks like a big bouquet flower (^_^)