Golf Theme

Golf Theme Cuppies - photo 1

My first Golf Theme cupcakes (^_^)

These are made for Rena as a gift for her brother, Arwin, a Golf lover.

Took me 3 days to really put my thinking caps on, half a day to bake and decorating it.

Its all edible (grass were buttercream, golf ball & tee were made from fondant) and I’m so glad everybody loves it (including my darling hubby).

Below is how they all look in Wilton 23 cupcakes stand.

Golf Theme Cuppies - photo 3

Summertime FUN

Strawberry with Chocolate Topper

These are Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry buttercream (hence the pink sandy result), made for Yuni’s order for a girlfriend B’day gift.

I’m using summer theme chocolate topper, took me forever to do it but the result was soooo satisfying,

one happy baker here !!!!

Chocolate Topper

Chocolate Topper

Rinna asked me to wrap the cupcakes individually for Tizia’s friends in school, its their last day and every parents send the kids to school with something small.

It was 24 vanilla & chocolate cupcakes, I add cute chocolate topper and its good to go.

Apparently it was a big hit in Tizia’s school that day,

thank you Rinna !!!!


These are 48 Mini Cupcakes (24 caramel & 24 Oreo), made for Iris order. I love the Burgundy color next to the Pink, its gorgeous !!!!

Below photo is taken in the Wilton container, ready to go.


24 Mini Oreo


These are made for Nita’s Order.

Finally I concocted best vanilla cupcakes ever .. tried and tested for several order, got the best compliments among those I baked since beginning, this is it .. winning recipe, yaaaaayyyy !

Also, swirl are just so much fun on cupcakes, these swirls come from 3 different size tips, aren’t they pretty ?