Barney,BJ & Baby Bop Cupcakes Cake

Consists of 12 Oreo & 12 Chocolate cupcakes, this is Wilda’s order for Khalisha’s 2nd birthday today. Free-style hand drawing, no picture transfer.

This is my first pull-apart cupcakes cake order with my daughter 3 favorite characters on it, very intense .. can’t make mistake here 🙂 Took me 2 hours to decorate it and very happy with the result, one happy baker here !!!

Orange Poppy Seed

20 Orange Poppy Seed cupcakes with buttercream frosting and glazed orange peel, part of Monique’s cupcakes order to send to her Hubby office this morning.

She told me I can use any theme and color as long it resembles flowers, naturally I do pink and purple roses, add the orange peel as the accents .. voila, ready to go :O)