Ariel turns 4

My little girl been asking me this question daily ” Is it my birthday today, Mami?”
“Are you baking cupcake for my party?”

Finally today I can say “Yes, sweetie-pie, it is your birthday!”

When I asked her who she wants to invite for her birthday party prior to her big day, to my surprise she said “All my friends Mami but no boys please.”

So I came up with 2 split party to celebrate her special day, cupcakes and snacks for her classmates in school and a tea & tutu party for her girlfriends and their beautiful mommies at Shangri-La Residence function room. Run around Jakarta organizing everything in less than a week (in between baking orders obviously!) and thanks to some wonderful friends that helps me make everything possible (yes, you … thank YOU), everything went smoothly.

Happy 4th birthday Arielita, we love you so much !!!

Ariel 4th bday 1

Ariel 4th bday 2

Ariel 4th bday 3

Ariel 4th bday 4

Ariel 4th bday 5

Ariel 4th bday 6

Ariel 4th bday 7
Ariel 4th bday 8