Gift for Teachers

I asked my daughter a couple days ago if I should bake chocolate chips cookies or cupcakes for her to bring to school as thank you gift for her Teachers on the last day of school, she said “Cupcakes, Mami!”

Sure, not a problem.

Baked vanilla cupcakes, did fondant topper of book, pencil, ruler, doodle board, mini daisy flowers and red star, made buttercream frosting with several shades of pinks, voila … almost done!

For her numeracy teacher gift box I put the flowers, book, pencil, ruler, star and thank you topper while for her literacy teacher I put book, pencils, doodle board, star and thank you as topper. I also make several cupcakes packed in box of 2 with rose swirl and butterfly on it for all the Teacher assistants. My daughter made personal thank you card for each of them, I put it on top of each gift boxes instead of ribbon and off she goes to school with them happily.

We made a great team 🙂

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