Christmas Cookies

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It’s our family tradition to baked festive cookies for family and friends in December, the most waited time of the year. This time around the cookies even made it safe and sound to Vancouver, Canada! I’ve made 2 sizes of sugar cookies this year, the large ones were individually wrapped as hampers filling and the bite size ones were served in our annual christmas dinner party. I also baked oatmeal with chocolate chips and M&M’s cookies (Santa’s favourite) and festive pinwheel cookies (my daughter favourite). Nothing beat freshly baked cookies for the holiday.

Wishing you joyful Christmas wherever you are.

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© Esti 2013 mini xmas cookies

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Blue Velvet Cupcakes

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Went to surprise birthday lunch for my friend Cyndi, dress code of the day was “something blue” so I decided to bring Blue Velvet Cupcakes to match the colour mood of the day.Like red velvet cupcake, blue velvet has a great hint of chocolate taste and the soft cream cheese frosting just make this little beauties absolutely delicious.

Happy Birthday, Cyndi!

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Little Miss Turns 8

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The big day is finally here, after 1 week running errands booking the entertainers, getting the sound system, table & chairs, confirming the photo booth and several trips to Divisoria & Binondo area (Chinatown of Manila) then I was baking for 3 days straight with the occasional break to sleep and to go to school to drop off/pick up Little Miss. I baked Chocolate cookies in star shape with crystal sugar, Alfajores (butter cookies with dulce de leche filling), eggless chocolate cookies with m&m centre, 24 caramel cake pops,Toblerone brownies, 1 giant vanilla cupcake with chocolate filling and buttercream frosting with pink rose swirl and 60 oreo cupcakes with buttercream frosting, half were decorated in crystal sugar (to match the disco party theme, as per my daughter request) the rest were in pink rose swirl and white swirl with glittery non pareil. Needless to say I was exhausted but happy, I pulled it off!

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Everything went well, I received nothing but compliments, we all had a blast.

Feliz cumpleanos Arielita, te quiero mucho!