Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty 2

The most famous Japanese white bobtail cat with red bow character is what Nikki order for her daughter pull apart cupcakes cake theme. Consists of oreo cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes and buttercream frosting with freestyle hand drawing, I decorate it in less than 3 hours, such a thrill to see how this cupcakes cake evolve after every colour added, will take step by step shot next time.

Hello Kitty 3

Hello Kitty 1

Hello Kitty

She also ordered 36 mini cupcakes that I match with the theme, I’ve got original Sanrio cut out fondant stamp that I use as cupcake topper. As you can see I had a great time creating these ones.

Happy birthday, Reese!

Hello Kitty 4

Hello Kitty 5

Hello Kitty 6

Tri-Lemon Cupcake

Happy New Year, everyone!

We had fun-tastic trip visiting family and spending time over the holidays in Canada, got back to Manila now all recharged and happy.

My first time back to my baking studio this week, I decided to revamp my favourite lemon cupcakes recipe, this time I filled it with lemon curd and added lemon juice to the cream cheese frosting also reduced the confectioner sugar. The result? Absolutely DELICIOUS, the frosting is tangy and really soft melt-in-your-mouth kind, the lemon curd give subtle sour kick in every bite, that’s it … I found the perfect Tri-Lemon combination, just heavenly.

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