Maika & Kaelynn

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These are Audrey’s order for her daughters birthday party, an Oreo giant cupcake cake with pink and purple flowers & butterflies based on Lego Friends colour combination for Maika. Mix of Vanilla and Oreo pull apart cupcakes cake with Daniel The Tiger theme for Kaelynn. Several mini lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for the mommies and we’re invited to enjoy the party too, love it!

Happy birthday Maika and Kaelyyn!

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Easter Cookies


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I love Spring break, it means baking Easter cookies with my Little Miss. This time around we’ve got her friend Anastasia from Jakarta joining us in the kitchen baking the chocolate cookies and decorating them with colourful sanding sugar. Afterwards 2 of Little Miss close friends from Makati came over to enjoy the cookies with them, just splendid.

Happy Easter everyone!

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© Esti 2014 easter 5

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A Vanilla pull apart cupcakes cake with video game theme for Louis and Jonny‘s 10th birthday celebration.

Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox indie video game, developed by game studio Re-Logic. The character has a lot of colour shading that create the image, not an easy one to work with buttercream since it has to be precise and perfectly squared, such a meticulous work but I did it. Thank you Jennie and Steve for the challenge, I had a great fun making it 🙂

Awesome photos from the party as well, love magic candles, double the fun!


© Esti 20143U4A5776





Happy birthday Boys!

Pink Cat

© Esti 2014 cat

These are Shari’s order for her daughter Mira’s 5th birthday celebration. It’s vanilla cupcake with strawberry filling and buttercream frosting (to see the strawberry filling inside the cupcakes image go to here  Strawberry Delight ) with theme requested Pink Cat, Happy Birthday MIRA, number 5, some flowers and 1 special cat design of Custard, the cat in Strawberry Shortcake  TV series.

© Esti 20143U4A5757

© Esti 2014 cat 2

© Esti 2014 cat 3

Happy 5th Birthday Mira!

40th Birthday

© Esti 2014 frequent flyer


My friend Amanda plan a surprise birthday party for her husband Joris to celebrate his “Double 20”. One of his hobby is collecting mileage points so I made a pull apart cupcakes cake with the image of one of his frequent flyer card.

When he saw the cupcakes cake his expression was priceless, well done Amanda!


© Esti 2014 frequent flyer 1

© Esti 2014 frequent flyer 2

© Esti 2014 frequent flyer


© Esti 20143U4A5728

Happy birthday Joris.

Strawberry Delight

© Esti 2014 strawberry


I found fresh local strawberry at the Farmers Market here in Manila recently, the fruit vendor told me they’re from Baguio. Purchased several tiny boxes out of curiosity, tried it with my daughter after school and we’re both puckering up, it was tart and super sour!

Nevertheless, I didn’t want to waste it so I decided to make fresh strawberry filling out of it. Baked vanilla cupcake today, added the strawberry filling and frost it with buttercream. The result: DELICIOUS. My daughter has second helping and so was I. We LOVE it.

© Esti 20143U4A5767


Will definitely get some more strawberry soon 🙂

IM Cupcakes Cake

© Esti 2014 IM

My better half is a triathlete and he completed a full distance IRONMAN race in Whistler, Canada. Being his numero uno supporter, I went to his office to surprise him with this pull apart mini cupcakes cake to celebrate his birthday. The cupcakes cake consists of mini oreo cupcakes topped with buttercream frosting and shaped with IM (ironman) symbol. His expression when he saw the cupcakes cake was priceless, feliz cumpleanos Miguel, te quiero mucho!

© Esti 2014 ironman

© Esti 2014 IM

© Esti 2014 IM

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