Bear, Bunny & Puppy Cupcake

© Esti 2014bear bunny puppy

These are Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting with animals character, Aiko’s order for Yulia’s 5th birthday party.

Had fun creating these ones, I’ve got my daughter helping me out with the facial details on the Puppy and Bear cupcake, she’s got great eye for details, my little artist. It’s my first time creating a fuzzy bear on an individual cupcake, I love the fur texture!  On the other hand, the puppy is my daughter favourite, apparently she loves it best because I put red heart pins on their ears ❤

For the grown ups at the party Aiko ordered orange poppy seed cupcakes with buttercream frosting, to match it with the girlie birthday party theme (check out the pink and purple cupcake liners!) I alternate the swirl frosting with candied orange peel and silver non pareil.

© Esti 2014 Orange poppy seed

One of my favourite project this week, Happy birthday Yulia!

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