We’re Back

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Hello everyone,

My daughter and I went to Bali to visit my parents and my family for couple of weeks, just got back yesterday morning and I must say that we had a blast. We did so many things in 2 weeks time that my Hubby can’t keep up with our itinerary *grin* above all its amazing to see my daughter interact with her cousins and start picking up the language, playing indeed is the fastest way to learn something new.

Now that we’re back in Manila, its catching up time with friends and let the baking begin.


PS. These are caramel cupcakes with dulce de leche filling and chocolate frosting.


© Esti 2014 pacman 1 © Esti 2014 pacman 2My favourite project of the week, had a blast creating this pull apart cupcakes cake. Ethan is my daughter class mate in school and we went trekking to Mount Pinatubo crater together earlier this year. When his mom told me what he wish for his birthday cupcake I was thrilled! My first creation of Pacman cupcakes cake, love it!

Happy birthday Ethan!

Pink & White

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48 mini cupcakes with buttercream swirl frosting, pink ones were vanilla cupcakes and white ones were orange & poppy seed cupcakes.

I’ve been baking cupcakes for over 6 years and this colour combination never failed me, LOVE it!

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