Bridal Shower

Once a month I attend the Indonesian ladies gathering in Manila, basically we all catching up in our mother tongue while enjoying delicious spread of our national food which is a real treat when you live abroad. It’s also a perfect forum to meet people and see new places, at least for me since my daily routine to go out and about is quiet predictable (my daughter school,yoga studio, groceries & baking supplies shop). Truthfully I’ve met some of my closest friends in this gathering.

Today in particular we have special occasion for Maria, she is getting married and we’re giving her the traditional bridal shower to wish her all the best for her new journey. The whole ceremony and the setting was very beautiful, if I closed my eyes I think I’m being teleported back home! Dress code of the day was white kebaya and batik bottom but the bride to be changed her outfit 3 times, just beautiful. To mark the special occasion I’ve baked butter cookies with lace kebaya (our traditional blouse) icing on it.

Congratulations Maria, wishing you all the best.

kebaya cookies

Indonesian ladies

Bride to be