Ariel’s Birthday – Part 3

smuggle giant cupcake


my baked goodies

lit up

make a wish

blowing candles

cut the cake

My daughter finally had her birthday bash at the bowling centre in the next door mall. Traffic was really bad on that day since everyone heading to the mall to get a head start on their Xmas shopping but the invitees eventually arrived and kiddos were having a blast. I made oreo cupcakes with chocolate ganache that was displayed on a ferris wheel tier which birthday girl requested, marshmallow dipped in chocolate that flying out the container in less than 5 minutes (I made over 100 pcs!), vanilla cookies with letter A icing and the masterpiece, a Smiggle Giant cupcake. Birthday girl is absolutely mad about Smiggle, its a stationary company from Australia, if you haven’t heard about it Mr Google can help you.

Anyway, cut the story short, mission accomplished, Little Miss Happy was over the moon! I’m in her good book for another year haha now I can rest for a while … ’till the next birthday.

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