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Caramel cupcakes with dulce de leche filling, buttercream frosting and cut out sugar fondant, Angel’s order for Cha’s and Ellen birthday celebration in Adobo Magazine office.

Slight changes on the ingredients, I’m using Bob Redmill organic whole wheat flour and organic eggs for the cupcakes as per her request. I like working on special order, it’s a great learning process for me since different ingredients will give different result. Must say that whole wheat flour is very aromatic, the cupcakes were smell almost nutty when freshly baked, loved it.

Below is Angel message with Cha’s & the cupcakes image on my Facebook timeline :

It was Cha’s first birthday in adobo! A special one for a special person. Happy Birthday dear.
(The caramel cupcakes were made from the home kitchen of Esti Feuermann who made them out of organic flour and eggs per my request. Hand crafted all. Such a talented lady!) — with Cha Clarino.

Cha - Adobo magazine

One happy Baker here ❤