Golden Pig

Golden pig1

Pull apart cupcakes cake consists of Oreo cupcakes and caramel cupcakes, Mariel’s order for her Dad’s birthday celebration. Between her and her sister Marylin this was their 5th order of birthday pull apart cupcakes cake for their family special occasion, one happy cupcake artist here ❤

Mariel requested a golden pig drawing, longevity in Chinese character 寿 (shòu) and her Dad’s name. She also wants red background for the cupcakes cake which symbolizes good fortune and joy. A very special cupcakes cake indeed, loved it!

By the way, the pig is the last animal sign on the Chinese zodiac and this pull apart cupcakes cake marked my last baked goods in 2014, I’m off for a break with our family in British Columbia.

Happy birthday Edgar!

Golden pig3