Manchester United

EstiMU 2

EstiMU 1The fastest pull apart cupcakes cake that I made in 4 hours time, all from scratch! Consists of chocolate cupcakes and buttercream frosting with freestyle hand drawing MU logo on Union Jack, Natasha’s order for her son 8th birthday.

Happy birthday Tommy!

Candied Pecan, Red Wine & Raisins cupcake

pecan, raisins & red wine 1

pecan, raisins & red wine

Introducing our newest cupcake flavour for the month of January 2015, baked especially for grown-ups taste, say hello to candied pecan, red wine and raisins cupcake with chocolate frosting. It’s absolutely delicious!

The crunchy candied pecan meet the softness of raisins with a hint of full bodied red wine combination is perfect with the dark chocolate frosting. If you are in Manila, place your order now, you will LOVE it!

Pyaw Sa’ya Kaung Thaw Mway Nay Khin

It’s Burmese for Happy Birthday Khin!

We are celebrating our dearest friend special day today. Khin is my early Tuesday morning swimming squad practice poolside buddy, we both love super spicy food and I LOVE her spicy home made shrimp condiments. Some photos from her celebration, cupcakes were made by yours truly.



Wishing you many more years to celebrate Khin, stay happy, healthy and beautiful always.

Weekend Treat


cupcake 1

monster cookies

My daughter went to her first School Residential Trip with her whole year group to Caliraya in Laguna. It’s her first overnighter trip without me and hubby, she was thrilled and I was miserable with separation anxiety. I spent the whole day baking her favourite treat to get the day went by faster, I’ve made Chocolate chips Madeleine, Monster Cookies (Oatmeal and M&M’s cookies) and Chocolate cupcakes with dulce de leche filling & buttercream frosting. I had it all set up for tea when she’s back home and she enjoyed them while telling me all sorts of stories from her trip. Bottom line she had a great time and sleep deprived (the girls spent most of their sleeping time talking to each other until wee hours, naturally!) but I was over the moon, my baby girl is back, wohoooo! One happy Mama here ❤


Happy New Year

Mango cupcake

Little Miss


New Year

Hello everyone,

We’re back in slightly chilly Manila ( it reached 19 C on the weekend), a nice sweater weather and I LOVE it!

Had a great break during the festive season in Canada and we survived the jet lag without major drama, back to our routines now and I officially started baking again. As you can see from the photos we did our first family gathering in the New Year last Saturday, a wonderful opportunity to catch up with our close friends after the holiday over dinner in our place. Cooked up a storm as always and for dessert I’ve made my first batch of Mango cupcake with mango curd filling and cream cheese frosting  along with our family favourite Leche Flan, healthy Banana with chocolate chips bread and Monster cookies, so much FUN!!! The best part of the whole evening was a chance to have a cuddle from Beau Bear, my friend Yannie’s 3 months old son, he’s absolutely cute!

Beau Bear

Last but not least, I would like to wish you all a great year ahead, LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH.