Jackfruit Cupcake


Our wonderful neighbour sent us a huge wheel of ripe jackfruit this morning, they own a fruit farm up in Tagaytay, whenever they harvested seasonal fruit we always get some, so lucky!

I love Jackfruit (Nangka in Indonesian, Langka in Tagalog), I always wanted to bake with jackfruit from scratch for a while now and it’s finally happening, introducing our newest cupcake flavour, Jackfruit cupcakes with buttercream frosting and chopped fresh jackfruit sprinkles.

These particular cupcakes were very fragrant, it has a distinctive jackfruit aroma and taste absolutely delicious. The flesh of the jackfruit is normally starchy and fibrous but it become soft and sweeter after being baked, LOVED it! I can see myself polishing the whole batch haha 🙂

jackfruit cupcake 1

jackfruit cupcake 2