Into Darkness

rani despedida

It’s the month of May and all I can think about is dark chocolate frosting with everything!

Since I’m hosting a despedida lunch on May 4, 2015 (as you know its the unofficial annual “Star Wars Day” because the easy pun on the catchphrase “May the Force be with you” to “May the 4th be with you, and yes I’m a big Star Wars fan at heart) I’ve baked Oreo cupcakes with a generous amount of dark chocolate frosting, add a tiny red heart sprinkle to accentuate the swirl and it was such a big hit all was gone at the end of the lunch, definitely one happy baker here.

On that note, meet our May 2015 cupcake of the month, Cookies and cream with dark chocolate frosting, its absolutely scrumptious ❤

oreo chocolate

oreo chocolate yum

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