My friend daughter, Sofia, turns 17 years old over the weekend, she is an amazing gymnast and my daughter is her biggest fan. The birthday celebration was scheduled after her club training session so I’ve made a gymnastics theme birthday cupcakes. Got helpful hint from my daughters on “gymnastics term” she was beaming with pride standing next to me while I transform the words into cut out fondant label. My favourite part of this project is the gymnast’s silhouette, it’s projecting such a powerful skill that I wish I could master ❤

Happy birthday Sofia, more power and success to you xoxo.





Button Cookies

Button Cookies

Little Miss and I decided to bake last minute chocolate chip cookies prior her swimming training today. This is my version of our home made chocolate cookies, I’m using organic eggs, organic 100% Dark Chocolate, freshly ground almond, organic coconut sugar and Belgian dark chocolate chips. The result? Absolutely delicious, you can indulge without feeling guilty. My daughter called it button cookies since it does resembles a giant button once its baked ❤

Yo-Kai Watch 妖怪ウォッチ

Komasan, Jibanyan & Whisper

Have you seen these cute character before?
Left to right : Komasan, Jibanyan and Whisper. I watched the anime TV series with my daughter and loving it! The story was inspired by yōkai (spirit/ghost) from Japanese mythology, these spirits are responsible for mysterious happenings occurring either with people or objects around us.

Thank you Misuzu for the challenge, I had great time creating these birthday cupcakes for Junta.

Junta birthday Komasan, Jibanyan & Whisper

Komasan, Jibanyan & Whisper jn box

Banana, Chocolate & Avocado

Esti avo 1

Introducing our new cupcake flavour for the month of July, moist banana and chocolate chip cupcake with rich avocado chocolate frosting.

Yes, you read it right, where I come from Avocado is mainly use for dessert, preferably mixed with chocolate. When I was young my favourite drink consists of avocado, crushed ice and chocolate condensed milk, blended into a smoothie. Ever since we live in the Philippines (where avocado is abundance) I’ve been introducing this special treat to my daughter ( without condensed milk though, I replaced it with organic dark chocolate instead).

I’ve made several attempt until I found the perfect consistency to make the avocado chocolate frosting, its rich in flavour and I really love the creamy texture, perfect match with the moist banana cupcake, just heavenly!

Esti avo 2

Happy Cookie

A & E

chic cookies

Summer break is ON but it’s been raining a lot recently here in Manila, to keep ourselves warm and occupied at home we’ve baked chocolate cookies from scratch. This time I’ve got 2 baking partners, both my daughter and Ewan are Starwars crazy so I’ve given them the liberty to make as many Darth Vader and Yoda cookies as their heart desire while I’m sitting in the opposite corner with my girlie dress and purse cookie cutter, win win solutions! I’ve also made my never failed Butterscotch cookie (organic coco sugar, eggless with Belgian dark chocolate centre), it’s heavenly!  Perfect companion for my afternoon coffee, one really happy cookie here ❤

Butter Scotch