We Want Cookies

Cookie 1

Choco chips


It’s long weekend in Manila (Aug 31 is National Heroes Day holiday), my daughter invited her friend Tara for a sleepover. In between building legos, playing Xbox and swimming they kept on saying “We want Cookies!” in unison. So happily I start my baking frenzy, I’ve made dark chocolate drop cookies which they devour straight away from the baking tray (after cooling off!), then I’ve made double chocolate chips cookies (as per their request). I’ve made 2 batches at the same time, 1 with extra chocolate chips and 1 with less chocolate chips but I’ve added chopped almonds (my favourite). Once its all cooling off I placed it in a glass jar along with the sweet treats by the dining table, I put the Botero inspired bronze sculpture of these 2 ladies doing yoga pose in front of it as a teaser. Yup, you can have some cookies but not too many at a time ❤


Banana & Chocolate

banana choc 1

There are 2 main ingredients that I make sure I never run out in my kitchen : fresh organic eggs and banana. We like ripe banana as power snack prior sport training and whenever it developed the brown dots on its skin (over ripe) I made it into banana smoothies (banana+ coconut water+any fresh fruits) or GF banana pancake (banana+egg+almond ground) or (my daughter favourite) banana with chocolate chip cupcakes (preferably with chocolate frosting), just like above image.

I prefer to bake it in mini cupcake size since it take less then 15 minutes to bake, add the chocolate frosting and voila … the most delicious tiny bite that pack a punch, love it!

Banana Choc



A classic ice cream flavour on a cupcake, isn’t it cool?

I’ve known so many people that asked me to put extra buttercream on their cupcakes order and yes, this is it, if you are in Metro Manila you can get your cupcakes with Neapolitan frosting piled high on your choice of cupcake (the one in the picture is dulce de leche cupcake with Neapolitan frosting). It’s absolutely delicious!

❤ ❤ ❤

Back to School

citrus cupcakesThese are citrus cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting and orange sprinkles. I’ve whipped out 2 batches of this particular recipe of mine, 1 batch for cupcakes and 1 batch for madeleines (my daughter favourite item in her school snack box). Yes, our Little Miss started the new school year this week. We’ve had a very busy week towards the end of her summer break, she competed in a swimming race in Lucena City, Quezon Province (around 3 hours drive from Manila), won 4 gold medals (broke PASCAI swimming record for 100m Butterfly stroke in her age group) and Most Outstanding Swimmer Girls 9 Years Old, we are very proud of her.

Now that she’s back in school I can have more “ME” time, cheers to that!


Have Cupcake, Will Travel


These Oreo cupcakes with buttercream frosting were hand carried all the way to Vancouver Island, British Columbia by the birthday girl, around 13 hours later it arrived safely with minor damage from the airplane turbulence, awesomeness  ❤

Happy 20th birthday Anneke!



in box



My friend Sunmee asked me to bake cupcakes for her oldest son birthday celebration, a dozen cupcakes with football theme for his 12th birthday. My favourite things to make for this particular theme is the grass topper on the cupcakes, just love it ❤

Happy birthday Jay!