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Kue Keju or Kaastengel cookies are a popular savoury cookie made with Edam cheese, a traditional Dutch cheese. As a cookie it normally shape in the form of stick/log and it’s one of Dutch’s heritage recipe commonly found in Indonesia. The mini bite size with soft texture and creamy cheesy taste is definitely made it more-ish (you just keep on reaching for more!) but never under estimate the size, it’s really time consuming to make them since it needs to be shape by hand one by one. Of course if you don’t want to endure the long process you can do a short cut (make a large log then use a knife to cut it into desirable size) but estethically it’s not THE Kaastengel that we know 🙂 For yummy kaastengel recipe you can surf the web, there are many good one that is easy to follow.

I’ve normally made these cheese cookies in large batch since they last for couple of weeks in airtight containers. It’s a great home made gift for social gathering. By the way I love using pretty glass jar with airtight lid as packaging, normally I will do a few different kind of cookies to accentuate the display also to give options for the person to choose what they like, just as below image (chocolate chips cookies alternated with kaastengel).

For me, I will choose Kaastengel any day ❤

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