Cookie Sandwich



My better half grew up with Dulce de Leche (a traditional Argentinian caramel made by caramelizing sugar in milk), everytime I made cookie sandwich I only have 2 options for the filling: Caramel or Chocolate. This time around I’m only using home made caramel in baked sugar cookies and chocolate cookies, absolutely delish!

Little Miss Holiday


School Christmas break is ON, wohooo!

I’ve got my little helper back in the kitchen, LOVED it! She always helps me with my holiday baking, every year I’ve noticed the big improvement, her hands are more steady when she decorate cookies and she’s very neat with her workmanship, I’m such a lucky Mama.

She’s done in the kitchen and shifting to her craft table. In between her cards making and lego building nothing beat a glass of cold milk and her freshly baked candy cane shape chocolate cookies, JOY!



Dec 25

In my daughter world Christmas begins at the first of December. I remembered vividly her early morning shriek of joy as she found the small surprise gift in the tiny pocket of this jolly advent calendar, it continues as she opens the consecutive pockets everyday with the big smile. She learned pretty fast that it leads to the most wonderful morning after the number 24th;  piled up Christmas presents under the tree, stockings filled up to the brim and sweet treats galore.

Oh,to be a kid again!

PS. 12  more days ’till Christmas ❤

School Christmas Party

y 5 cookies

y5 cuppies 2

y5 cuppies 3


My daughter 3rd Christmas party in school with her year group and my second year being the Class Mum. Luckily my fellow class mums are my best friends hence we’re always in sync. Last event of this school term is the class Christmas party, we’ve thrown in extra special party  with fabulous decor, carving station & the trimmings and sweet galore by yours truly ( I’ve made 72 pcs mini vanilla cupcakes and 150 pcs christmas cookies). It was a huge success, we re the talk of the town!


y5 cuppies