A Royal Birthday

Sunday morning after breakfast “Mami, its Mr King’s birthday this weekend, could you please bake cupcakes for me to bring to school tomorrow? I hope you can bake special cupcakes with lot’s of M&M’s in it, he loves M&M’s!”

“So were you.” was my instant reply.

Cut the story short my daughter told me in details what she wants me to bake for her Class Teacher, Mr King,  its involving loads of M&M’s obviously and I’m happy to follow suit. Half way through measuring the ingredients she got very excited when I told her this is my first try on baking M&M’s cupcake, she then asked me if we can call this her invention, too funny! The cupcakes turns out really well (each mini cupcakes had more than 10 pcs M&M’s each!), its even better with dark chocolate frosting on it, heavenly was my daughter description. I  made an edible crown from sugar fondant since it’s a Royal birthday and voila, the cupcakes are ready to party.





Mr King


Happy Birthday Mr King!

BSM Lion




My second time around creating this pull apart cupcakes cake with football theme and the British School Manila Blue Lion logo. My friend Emma requested it for her son 7th birthday party, Happy Birthday William!



Saturday afternoon, Little Miss finds me in the kitchen with a mission

“Will you colour with me, Mami?”

“Yes dear, let’s have tea and colour.” was my answer.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!



Buttery French tea cake baked in scallop-shaped Madeleine moulds is my daughter favourite for after school snacks. This week she’s been away for 3 days camping trip with her School year group so I baked chocolate madeleines and banana madeleines prior picking her up today. She has the biggest smile in her face when I saw her waving her hands from the bus window upon arrival, all the parents were getting extra long hugs from the returning students including me, JOY!

Welcome back Little Miss, we miss you ❤




One of my favourite Tropical fruit for cupcake flavours, Nangka (Indonesian for Jackfruit) has distinctive fragrance that remains event after baking process, the texture otherwise changed from chewy to soft bite, similar to apricot. In the process of getting the perfect taste and texture of the Nangka cupcake I’ve tweaked my buttercream recipes since I preferred lighter and creamier frosting than the usual buttercream that I made and it works, my Nangka cupcake is now perfect, absolutely delicious.

Last weekend my better half went cycling up to the Mountain in Tagaytay and brought me a wheel of ripened jackfruit, such a coincidence, I’ve promised my fellow BSM Class Reps mums I will cook authentic Balinese lunch this week and I know exactly what I will make for dessert!

I’ve cooked up a storm (as always), made my version of Balinese Nasi Campur (nasi barak, be siap pelalah, be genyol, ati be siap, rendang be sampi, pepes salmon, jukut pecel) served with krupuk udang, dessert were Bubuh Injin and Nangka cupcake. We’ve had a blast, I’m sharing the food photos here.

PS. I love cooking these dishes, it brings so much memories of my family and the Island of Gods  ❤