Spent the whole Sunday morning piping Daisies with Korean Buttercream, I think I’ve made more than 50 pieces of Daisies and finally get a hang of it, wohooo!

These are Angel’s last minute Daisies Cupcakes order, pink frosting were Chocolate cupcakes, Violet frosting were Banana and Chocolate Chips cupcakes and last but not least the blue frosting were Vanilla Cupcakes.






I did it!

I’ve completed the 2 days of Basic Course on Korean Buttercream Flowers by Nana Cake, hooraayyy! Next week I’m moving on to the Intermediate Course, can’t wait!

Below flowers arrangement cake (titled Blossoms by my teacher) were consists of Daisies, Peonies and Ranunculus. My favourite flowers to pipe was Peonies and the most challenging one for me were the white daisies, I definitely need to practice to pipe it more. The Ranunculus were the fastest that I made out of all of them, I love piping the tiny size ones, aren’t they pretty?


Korean Buttercream Flowers


Hello Everyone,

The moment that I’ve been waiting for is finally here!
Thanks to my better half I’m able to join the famous Nana cake decorating class in Manila this weekend. She came straight from Busan, South Korea and well known for her clean, modern yet sophisticated buttercream flowers. YES … I’m learning the beautiful art of making Korean Buttercream Flowers directly from the Master herself, one happy cake artist here!

Check out the result of my day 1 learning the art of making edible Korean buttercream flowers below, I’ve made Roses, Chrysanthemum and Apple Blossoms (the latest being the most challenging one!). Very excited to learn more flowers piping tomorrow, have a great weekend everyone.




New idea sometimes came from an ordinary object, in my case I bought this book because I like the cover, books stack together is one of my favourite sight since I was very young. This particular book cover gives me an idea to decorate the vanilla cupcake without it’s liner, cut it into 3 pieces and stack it back with vanilla frosting in between and voila, it’s ready to party!

Its tall and pretty with all the extra buttercream in it, my daughter said it looks like mini wedding cake ❤

Sugar Cookies


Another result of couple hours in the kitchen with Little Miss during her midterm break (in between Trampoline Park play, Swimming training and Gymnastic practice), a tray of freshly baked sugar cookies!

PS. Can you spot the heart shape made of pink sprinkles?

Birthday Stories


“Have a Good Time”

Yesterday it was my birthday.
I hung one more year on the line.
I should be depressed.
My life’s a mess.
But I’m having a good time.

I’ve been loving and loving and loving.
I’m exhausted from loving so well
I should go to bed.
But a voice in my head says,
“Ah, what the hell.”

Paul Simon