Floral Wreath

nana 1

nana 2

Learned a lot on my day 1 at Nana Cake Korean Buttercream Flowers (Intermediate Course) today, Tulip was my favourite buttercream flower to pipe (happened to be my Mother In Law favourite flowers too, lucky me!) Hydrangea was very complicated but towards piping the 3rd colours I slowly get a hang of it (we’ve got to do at least 6 set in 5 different colours!) last but not least Camelia, its medium hard, out of 7 best Camelias that I made my teacher said only 1 passed as great, really tough cookie hey! Nevertheless,  its my first time ever piping all of these flowers so she did give me some credits (smiley face).

The flower cake arrangement of the day was Floral Wreath and we’ve got to write a short message in the centre of the cake. My short message is dedicated to all of you wonderful readers out there, Thank You!

On that note I’ve gotta go to dream land soon, more learning tomorrow, good night World ❤

nana 3

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