Au Revoir

Nevelos 1-1

Nevelos 2-1

Nevelos 3-1

Tania told me in the beginning of this year that their family will be relocating to Atlanta in Spring, I couldn’t believe it at first but congratulated her anyway and thought its plenty of time and we’ll be fine (secretly hoping they changed their mind!). Just like that we all went on with our family routines (kiddos swimming competitions, Fobisia Phuket, ladies lunches, school events, etc) and suddenly our days with The Nevelos were numbered! Paul left Manila for good last weekend (sniff sniff) and the rest of the gang more or less have another week left in Manila. Unfortunately this is part of living the Expatriate life, we said hello and goodbye simultaneously throughout the year but obviously saying the later is much harder.

Cut the story short, after several send-off parties  (lots of sobbing went on ) and  teary eyes moments whenever we bumped in school corridor,  finally I’m able to focus my energy by creating this pull apart cupcakes cake for The Nevelos kiddos send off party. Tania asked me to do something with swimming (I’ve made a swimming race pull apart cupcakes cake similar like the one I made for Alexander on his birthday couple years back) and football (grass and football topper is my favourite!), I set them all up in a large cake tray and voila! a sport theme party cupcakes ready to go.

Anyway, to my dearest Tania, it is the end of an era for our cheering Mum squad but I’m looking forward to hear everything about your new adventure and knowing you, all will fall in place the moment you landed in Atlanta. It is not a goodbye my friend, till we meet again,  love you lots!


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