Coach Jean

Coach Jean Bday

Happy birthday to the most amazing gymnastics coach in the whole wide world, we love you Coach Jean!

PS. She’s gluten intolerance hence I’ve made Gluten Free Chocolate cupcakes with Italian buttercream, gummy bears and jelly beans topper just for her.

Jean 1

Hello Summer


Yes it is officially Summer in the Philippines now, the temperature just getting hotter and hotter each day made us dreading the outdoor. I’ve been putting ice pack inside my daughter lunch box to keep her cut fruits and vegetables fresh and crunchy. Also stocking up on fresh Citrus fruits in our fridge to add flavours to our water, my daughter loves anything with oranges and lemon.

Made this Citrus cupcakes with Italian Buttercream today, I’ve added fresh orange juice, lemon and calamansi in the cupcake batter and made candied orange peel for the topper, LOVE it!

On that note, here’s one of my daughter favourite Orange joke;

Why did the orange stop rolling down the hill?
Because it ran out of juice!

VMV Hypoallergenic Skin Soirée


Gluten Free Chocolate cupcake with Avocado Chocolate Frosting for VMV Hypoallergenic Skin Soirée.

Manila Peeps, don’t forget to drop by VSRC (VMV Skin Research Centre + Clinics, 117 Carlos Palanca Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City) TODAY 9am-7pm for up to 70% Off, plus free consults, gifts, makeovers & more!



migs confetti

Mini dulce de leche cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting and edible confetti’s for IronMigs birthday celebration in his Makati office.

Happy Birthday NitroFuelmann!