Marble Banana Loaf


Every Friday I bake banana bread with either raisins, cranberries, or chocolate chip to be ready for breakfast on the weekend (my family let me sleeping in and help themselves to breakfast). Been using local organic dark chocolate buttons in several of my baked goodies the last couple of months (instead of the European ones) and decided to add the melted chocolate on the banana bread. I did a marble swirl on the batter prior baking it in the oven. The result? So pretty! The marble effect appeared on top but not all the way down, and its really fragrant, LOVE it!

By the way, I’ve got these new baking tins from Crate&Barrel at Mega Mall, they currently on sale with other cool stuffs, if you’re heading to the Mall this weekend do check it out.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Something Sweet


These scalloped shape little cake is a perfect accompaniment to well deserved afternoon cup of tea (or coffee).  Browned and crispy on the outside and soft and spongy on the inside, they are at its best when eaten freshly baked (out of the oven, cooled until barely warm, served). I’ve baked so many of them I’ve lost count by now, absolutely delicious ❤

If you are in Manila, you can get these Madeleines freshly baked from yours truly, flavours to choose;  the classic Vanilla, Chocolate or Lemon.

xoxo ~ Esti

The Naked Cupcake

My sweet tooth family love Toblerone chocolate, in the past I’ve baked endless Toblerone brownies whenever an occasion arise. I haven’t baked them until recently I saw the large 400g Toblerone were available on the supermarket shelves here when I did my groceries shopping. It inspired me to do cupcakes with a large piece of Toblerone as a filling.

Sure enough, both my husband and my daughter said it was the best chocolate cupcake in the whole wide world (ahem!).When I asked them which one they preferred, with frosting (chocolate ganache) or without, they voted without frosting, hence they called it the naked cupcake ❤

Apparently the creamy Toblerone made it just perfect and without the frosting they can see the tip of a tiny hint of the hidden treasure (my husband jokingly said I should bake some without any Toblerone in it, such a meany!). On that note, the naked cupcake is definitely a keeper!



Out of the blue my daughter Sunday morning Football practice were moved to later on in the afternoon and happily we’re back in the baking studio. Decided to make my personal favourite cupcake (lemon cupcake!) since I’ve got 5kg fresh lemon in my fridge (we love fresh lemonade too) and skipped my usual cream cheese frosting due to the unbearable summer heat in Manila these days (warm cream cheese frosting is definitely a big no no) . Made extra large batch lemon curd instead, my idea was to use it as a filling and frosting at the same time.

Guess what, it works beautifully! I love the way the curd oozing when you bite on the cupcake, absolutely delicious and my daughter was having so much fun piping the lemon curd, this is definitely an ultimate Summer treat.


lemon curd

Enjoy your weekend everyone!