The Naked Cupcake

My sweet tooth family love Toblerone chocolate, in the past I’ve baked endless Toblerone brownies whenever an occasion arise. I haven’t baked them until recently I saw the large 400g Toblerone were available on the supermarket shelves here when I did my groceries shopping. It inspired me to do cupcakes with a large piece of Toblerone as a filling.

Sure enough, both my husband and my daughter said it was the best chocolate cupcake in the whole wide world (ahem!).When I asked them which one they preferred, with frosting (chocolate ganache) or without, they voted without frosting, hence they called it the naked cupcake ❤

Apparently the creamy Toblerone made it just perfect and without the frosting they can see the tip of a tiny hint of the hidden treasure (my husband jokingly said I should bake some without any Toblerone in it, such a meany!). On that note, the naked cupcake is definitely a keeper!