The Swim Meet season has begun, on race daymy daughter has 4 items in her swimming bag that she won’t leave home without; swimming cap, goggles, sunscreen and baked goodies (or to be specific home made chocolate madeleines). This year she’s been training really hard after summer break and it definitely pays off. Over the weekend in Brent 40th Invitational Swim Meet she won 4 gold medals (50m Back stroke, 50m Butterfly, 100m Medley relay & 100m Free relay), 1 silver medal (50m Free) and a 4th place ribbon for 50m breast stroke. Yup, those Madeleines surely packed extra kick!

One proud Mama here ❤️




Calm before the party, the day that we’ve been waiting for is finally here!

Earlier today I baked small batch of marbled cupcakes with buttercream frosting and light blue M&M (hand carry from New York <3) for our Sunday morning treat.  Cut the story short, my better half got us tickets to watch The Blue Man Group at The Theatre in Solaire for their 2 pm show and we’re all very excited, heard really good reviews about them.

And yes, the show was absolutely superb! We’re sitting at the Splatter Zone (we’ve got rain coat to wear but its really not necessary) and had a blast. Anyway,  not gonna spoil it further but if you haven’t seen them yet they have couple more shows the next weekend in Manila, grab your tickets now, highly recommended!

Una Kaya


A mixed of Vanilla cupcakes and Chocolate cupcakes pull apart cupcakes cake with Football theme, Crisann requests for her boys football team dinner celebration. She did the sketch for me with the team player initial on their jerseys and their position in the field, such a great idea!

She texted me just now to tell me that the cupcakes were a big hit, one happy cupcake artist here ❤

Morning Tea


Our first Year 6 parents gathering in the new school year in British School Manila. Another year being Class Mum for me in my daughter Primary year group. Baked madeleines to accompany the beautiful selection of English Tea courtesy of my Class Mum partner Eliza.

Good morning ❤

Bundt Cake


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The distinctive ring shape of bundt cake pan was always my favourite since a very young age. In the past my Mum and her sisters used to bake numerous sponge cake in a bundt cake pan to be used as part of the offering on Balinese ceremony days. In my family the sponge cake were called “jaje bolu” (Balinese language which translated loosely means cake that as light as a feather). It’s always a big hit, my Mum loves to experiment on the flavours too, such a sweet memories. Nowadays on ceremony days she preferred to order the sponge cake from a bakery near her house for practical reason.

Today is Galungan Day in Bali (Balinese holiday celebrating the victory of dharma over adharma. It marks the time when the ancestral spirits visit the Earth), I wish I could bake banana and chocolate chips bundt cake for my Mum’s offering, hopefully one day soon.

Rahajeng rahina Galungan, dumugi Rahayu.

Victoria Layers Cake

I’m in Victoria Sandwich frenzy!

Got new small round cake tins from my baking supplier, so happy I can finally trying it out for the first time, baking vanilla sponges it is. Made fresh strawberry filling and buttercream  while the sponges cooling off (fresh cream is very rare in my part of the world so I settled with my delicious buttercream instead). Was indecisive when I assembled the cake, ends up stacking all 6 layers of them in a go, very happy with the look but had a good laugh when I cut it!

A slice of cake anyone?