Brownie – lah

We’re back!

My daughter and her gymnastics team went to Singapore for  Prime Invitational  2016 gymnastics competition, as usual I’m the lucky Mama that got to travel with her. It’s her first international competition in a new level (she trained in less than 2 months to prepare this competition) and being the youngest one in her team to compete in the same level I didn’t have any expectations whatsoever for her. She did very well, didn’t fall on her beam routine, performed her skills beautifully (I’m being bias here) and we both learned a lot from the competition results. On top of that we’ve got to catch up with a few of our close friends whom reside in Singapore not to mention all the yummy food and sweet treats that we just can’t have enough, we love Singapore!

The girls learned Sing-lish very quickly and by the second day of the trip they’re adding the ending “lah” in all their sentences and it’s contagious 😜

As I’m typing this blog I have freshly baked Toblerone brownie cooling off on my kitchen counter, nothing beat chocolate brownie on gloomy Manila day -lah!


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