To Go

Freshly baked banana and chocolate chips Madeleine for our early morning flight to Bangkok. Little Miss will be competing at  FOBISIA Gymnastics 2017 in WAG level 5 this weekend in Harrow International School. Krungthep Mahanakhon here we come!



Our family staple for the weekend, banana and chocolate chips bread. My better half packed it up for his cycling trip (his Coach asked him to have real food for nutrition instead of energy bar and the kind), my daughter loves it for pre and after gymnastics training and I enjoyed them with my black coffee. One thing that the family have in common is we like the banana bread to be crunchy on the top (hence slightly darker) and we all fight for the edges 😜

Happy Weekend!

Year 6, Term 2

Our Little Miss back to her school routine on the 3rd day in the New Year. The whole family dive in head first to the whole gymnastics, swimming, football, tee ball, athletic and school homework schedule smoothly. We had a few evening where we played scrabble or card games after dinner (followed by ice cream) and I love the fact that she always wants to win in every game 🙂

Another thing that I’ve been doing the past couple of weeks was cooking healthy meal daily. Even sending packed lunch on the first week of school that I unfortunately have to stop after the first weekend, my early morning energy level last only for that week haha. But I do baked madeleines every other day, in between Little Miss busy training schedules we always have a few minutes to catch up for a quick break and treats, surely nothing beat freshly  baked home made goodies.

On that note, this Mama needs to go for school pick up duty, ta-ta for now!

Time Is Precious

Hello everyone,

It’s been 2 weeks since we’re back from our fun-tastic Feuermann’s Family Reunion in Thailand. I’m going through all our photos from so many different devices (cameras, camera phone, drone, waterproof camera, you name it we’ve used it!) every single one of them were priceless and obviously nowhere near done compiling them. Here’s a few snippets of the trip taken with my iPhone, will try to do a few photo blogs of some great adventures that the 15 of us did in another blog soon.

Last but not least, my New Year resolution is to enjoy everything on the present moment. Also please note that I’m grateful for every single one of you that make the time to read my random musings, wishing you all an amazing 2017.