Year 6, Term 2

Our Little Miss back to her school routine on the 3rd day in the New Year. The whole family dive in head first to the whole gymnastics, swimming, football, tee ball, athletic and school homework schedule smoothly. We had a few evening where we played scrabble or card games after dinner (followed by ice cream) and I love the fact that she always wants to win in every game 🙂

Another thing that I’ve been doing the past couple of weeks was cooking healthy meal daily. Even sending packed lunch on the first week of school that I unfortunately have to stop after the first weekend, my early morning energy level last only for that week haha. But I do baked madeleines every other day, in between Little Miss busy training schedules we always have a few minutes to catch up for a quick break and treats, surely nothing beat freshly  baked home made goodies.

On that note, this Mama needs to go for school pick up duty, ta-ta for now!

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