Little Miss Active


Midweek of Little Miss school midterm break and I’m loving every second of our time together. We went shopping, getting pedicures, my daughter had a few survival basic cooking on her own (she’s a pro at sunny side up egg and instant ramen noodle, yaayy! ), gave her closets spring cleaning (told her a few KonMari tips) and we both read several good books in between. Not forgetting the highlight of the week, she finally made her own slime ( the goop DIY craze!), she was beaming with pride when she get the perfect slime consistency with colours and glitters   (a few hiccups in the beginning of the project but she was able to fix it after a few tries).

Due to her swimming competition coming up this weekend she she still has to do body conditioning and swimming training almost daily. Must admit that I’m amazed at her ability to stay chill while keeping her training routines at school break, Miss happy-go-lucky.

Today I baked Chocolate Madeleine’s for her after training snacks, packed her extra large water cooler and a headset for me. The weather is still very nice to be outdoors in Manila, I’ve been really enjoying my quiet time by the poolside watching my daughter swimming. On that note, time for this mama to get going,  ta ta for now ❤