These days, my daughter has requested more Japanese food when we eat out, 2 things that she suggested frequently were Ramen noodles and anything with Matcha (Green Tea). This week since we’re out and about during the day a lot we’ve been to 3 Ramen establishments and she’s been enjoying endless Matcha dessert, to name a few of her favourites; Matcha Bingsu (Korean dessert of shaved ice and condensed milk),  Matcha Ice Cream and Matcha Bubble Tea.

Anyway, I’ve been planning to bake Matcha cupcakes for her for quite sometimes now and finally, today was THE day. I’m using my new Aqua coloured cupcakes tin with matching utensils and oven glove (found them all during our shopping trip couple days back), aren’t they marvellous? I love them!

And the cupcake result? I was blown away, my version of  Matcha cupcakes turns out absolutely delicious! I’m kicking myself for not giving it a go sooner. Its very fragrant and moist, I added cream cheese frosting on top and voila! These Matcha cupcakes ready to party.