Project of the day; pull apart cupcakes cake for 50th Birthday celebration. I was given an image for the theme and the instruction was “Please draw a better Scotch bottle and the envelope is not necessary.”

Ta Da!

scotch 1

Easter Baking

In between swimming training, rubik cubes playing, art colouring and book reading, Little Miss and I managed to bake some Chocolate Cookies and Banana Bread today. I still remembered vividly all those time Little Miss helped me baking Easter cookies in Jakarta, Bangkok and Shanghai, it was so much fun but lot’s of patience (and cleaning) required. Nowadays I just made the dough and she’ll take over the rest (including cleaning up!), lucky me.  This time around we skipped the royal icing on the cookies (too time consuming) so sprinkled confectioner sugar it is. We had warm cookies before hitting the gym and fresh banana bread for breakfast tomorrow, happy days!

Spring Break

We are currently in the middle of Little Miss school Spring break, on her last day of school I took her to Salvatore Cuomo for tea, she ordered Chocolate Soufflé and Milk Gelato to celebrate, lucky girl! The next day we went to Sugar Factory to the Liu’s girls birthday bash, had a blast and an absolute sugar rush from all the treats, haha 🙂

Anyway, the rest of the week were more civilized, to stay energized throughout the hot Manila day we had plenty of fresh fruits (Little Miss made smiley face on her plate, always) and lot’s of water. Swimming training is on going throughout the Spring break for Little Miss so we’ve spent a good couple of hours by the poolside, its scorching hot but it has to be done.

Today after seeing so many Easter treats on my IG timeline I couldn’t resist, I made a Bunny on a chocolate frosted cupcake for tea and asked Little Miss if she wants to bake Easter cookies one of these days (we never miss Easter cookies baking), she said maybe and back to her Rubik cubes, wish me luck!

A Head Full Of Dreams


Went to Singapore, checked.
Celebrated hubby’s birthday dancing with COLDPLAY and around 60,000 people in National Stadium, checked.
Catching up with few good friends and kiddos, checked.
Went shopping (in random order: Phoon Huat, Kikki K, Sephora, Velocity, CratenBarrel, Metro, Times, Takashimaya, Bengawan Solo, Massimo Dutti, Uniqlo) checked.
Had all our food cravings fixed, super checked!

Happy 48th Birthday Miguel ❤