Bazaar at Kerry Parkside


My first bazaar in China! It was a great day to be out and selling cupcakes. Within 5 minutes after I started placing the Giant cupcake on the table customers just flooded in, one happy baker here.

To all our friends, family and friend of a friend, thank you all for coming and showing us your love. See you at the next event.



Cookies ~ Cupcakes

Found these cute cookie cutters in cupcake shape during my recent trip to Vancouver Island, Victoria, BC. It comes in 3 different sizes, such a great fun! My daughter saw me decorating the cookies and said, “Is it a cookie or a cupcake, Mami?”

If you are in Shanghai this weekend you can have a taste of these scrumptios treat at Kerry Parkside Back to School Bazaar (11 am – 3 pm) in Pudong, make sure you drop by our stand and say hi.


WIC Bazaar at Jakarta International Convention Centre

My friend Lesley from Lelby living asked me to do a collaboration in this 2 days event (Oct 28 &29), and I say yes … its the biggest bazaar venue and the longest too, also the second day being my birthday is just to sweet.

I was thrilled to see my family and closed friends enjoying my red velvet cupcakes and shopping at the bazaar, absolutely fantastic.

PS. I sold over 400 cupcakes on the spot in 2 days and received so many inquires for upcoming events, yaaayyyy!

ANZA Bazaar

ANZA Bazaar, originally uploaded by CupCakes Frenzy.

Sold 300 cupcakes last week at the Australian & New Zealand Women Association (ANZA) bazaar, was busy since the beginning ( 9 am) till closing at 2 pm, sooo much FUN !!

Photo taken by my best friend,I didn’t have a chance to take any shot of my display at all … ah well, next time ;o)

Love Chocolate

During my Bapindo Bazaar days (4 days in a row .. arrggghhh, such a crazy days !) I created this chocolate cuppies line, they are drop-dead-gorgeous .. I’m using swirl on top to match the lines pattern on the cupcakes paper .. love IT !