A Royal Birthday

Sunday morning after breakfast “Mami, its Mr King’s birthday this weekend, could you please bake cupcakes for me to bring to school tomorrow? I hope you can bake special cupcakes with lot’s of M&M’s in it, he loves M&M’s!”

“So were you.” was my instant reply.

Cut the story short my daughter told me in details what she wants me to bake for her Class Teacher, Mr King,  its involving loads of M&M’s obviously and I’m happy to follow suit. Half way through measuring the ingredients she got very excited when I told her this is my first try on baking M&M’s cupcake, she then asked me if we can call this her invention, too funny! The cupcakes turns out really well (each mini cupcakes had more than 10 pcs M&M’s each!), its even better with dark chocolate frosting on it, heavenly was my daughter description. I  made an edible crown from sugar fondant since it’s a Royal birthday and voila, the cupcakes are ready to party.





Mr King


Happy Birthday Mr King!



beergene pullapart

mixed gene






Definitely in cupcakes frenzy on the first week of March, one of my favourite project this year, absolutely LOVE the challenge!

My friend Anne did a surprise birthday party for her husband Gene, the theme of the party was #beergene and she asked me to do a pull apart cupcakes cake in a shape of beer bottle cap. She also asked me to create several different topper on individual cupcakes. Gene is a Doctor (stethoscope topper), a triathlete (swim bike run topper and Ironman logo), loves shoes (who’s not! I’ve made leather shoes topper) and green grass (he travelled the world to lie on green grass, earthing at its best!).

The pull apart cupcakes cake consists of Caramel cupcake with dulce the leche filling and buttercream frosting. I did free style hand drawing of a famous image of beer brand on the cupcakes cake with a twist, can you tell which beer it is?

I’ve made Chocolate Red Wine cupcake with buttercream frosting and hand made sugar fondant topper for the Ironman cupcake, grass cupcake, stethoscope cupcake and shoes cupcake. The Swim Bike Run cupcakes were Red wine, Raisins and Pecan cupcake with dark chocolate frosting, I did free style hand piped white chocolate topper for the swim bike run image.

The cupcakes were a big hit at the party and I received nothing but compliments, one happy cupcake artis here 🙂

Happy 40th birthday Gene!




I’ve donated these yummy chocolate cupcakes to Wish the event for their bake sale table at British School Manila earlier this evening, all proceeds will go to Aeisha fund and PCF.  Little Aiesha was diagnosed with a brain tumour, it’s currently Grade 1 pre-cancerous but its already affecting Aeisha’s eyesight so there is an urgency to get little Aeisha the treatment. Should you wish to help you can go to here http://www.gofundme.com/Aeisha.

We went to the event with some friends and had a great Sunday evening watching the performances and catching up with friends, big kudos to the organizers and I’m happy to be a small part of it.

bake sale

Ben 10 and Tinker Bell




My daughter classmates were celebrating their Birthday at Lifehub Jinqiao today, their Moms order their birthday cupcakes from me.  Chocolate Cupcakes with Ben 10 theme for Nico and Vanilla cupcakes with Tinker Bell theme for Emilia.

Feliz Cumpleanos!


Chocolate Topper

Chocolate Topper

Rinna asked me to wrap the cupcakes individually for Tizia’s friends in school, its their last day and every parents send the kids to school with something small.

It was 24 vanilla & chocolate cupcakes, I add cute chocolate topper and its good to go.

Apparently it was a big hit in Tizia’s school that day,

thank you Rinna !!!!