It is that time of the year again, as the end of the school year drawing closer a few of my daughter batch Parents already told me that they’re leaving Manila for good in Summer. Automatically I checked my schedule then pick up a day that a few of us could gather for lunch and started cooking. I believe in proper send off,  I remember vividly all of the send off party that my friends did for me in our previous postings,  one of  the best memories of the place that we used to call home.

For this particular despedida lunch I made Indonesian Oxtail soup with Emping Belinjo ( Indonesian crisps) with spicy home made chilli sauce on the side,  Roasted Chicken with Balinese sambal matah, roasted potatoes, steamed rice and chopped cucumber. my friend Khin brought delicious Thai Mango salad which is perfect compliment for the menu, unfortunately I forgot to take photo of my table spread! Nevertheless I did remember to take picture of the desserts, I baked chocolate cake with chocolate drip, vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting and strawberry dipped in chocolate.



Farewell Dani and Pipin, wishing you and your family all the best for your new adventure, thank you for the good times and may our paths crossed again someday xoxo

Happy Lemon

Sweet ending of the swimming season this school term, Little Miss collected her medals from ISM Fall Swim Meet, she won 2 Gold (50m Back & 50m Butterfly) and 2 Silver (100 IM & 50 Breast), fantastic efforts mi amor, we’re very proud of you!

I baked lemon cupcakes to celebrate her achievements for tea, no more bleachers till January for this Mama, bring on the holidays ❤️

Hello Summer


Yes it is officially Summer in the Philippines now, the temperature just getting hotter and hotter each day made us dreading the outdoor. I’ve been putting ice pack inside my daughter lunch box to keep her cut fruits and vegetables fresh and crunchy. Also stocking up on fresh Citrus fruits in our fridge to add flavours to our water, my daughter loves anything with oranges and lemon.

Made this Citrus cupcakes with Italian Buttercream today, I’ve added fresh orange juice, lemon and calamansi in the cupcake batter and made candied orange peel for the topper, LOVE it!

On that note, here’s one of my daughter favourite Orange joke;

Why did the orange stop rolling down the hill?
Because it ran out of juice!



One of my favourite Tropical fruit for cupcake flavours, Nangka (Indonesian for Jackfruit) has distinctive fragrance that remains event after baking process, the texture otherwise changed from chewy to soft bite, similar to apricot. In the process of getting the perfect taste and texture of the Nangka cupcake I’ve tweaked my buttercream recipes since I preferred lighter and creamier frosting than the usual buttercream that I made and it works, my Nangka cupcake is now perfect, absolutely delicious.

Last weekend my better half went cycling up to the Mountain in Tagaytay and brought me a wheel of ripened jackfruit, such a coincidence, I’ve promised my fellow BSM Class Reps mums I will cook authentic Balinese lunch this week and I know exactly what I will make for dessert!

I’ve cooked up a storm (as always), made my version of Balinese Nasi Campur (nasi barak, be siap pelalah, be genyol, ati be siap, rendang be sampi, pepes salmon, jukut pecel) served with krupuk udang, dessert were Bubuh Injin and Nangka cupcake. We’ve had a blast, I’m sharing the food photos here.

PS. I love cooking these dishes, it brings so much memories of my family and the Island of Gods  ❤






Jackfruit Cupcake


Our wonderful neighbour sent us a huge wheel of ripe jackfruit this morning, they own a fruit farm up in Tagaytay, whenever they harvested seasonal fruit we always get some, so lucky!

I love Jackfruit (Nangka in Indonesian, Langka in Tagalog), I always wanted to bake with jackfruit from scratch for a while now and it’s finally happening, introducing our newest cupcake flavour, Jackfruit cupcakes with buttercream frosting and chopped fresh jackfruit sprinkles.

These particular cupcakes were very fragrant, it has a distinctive jackfruit aroma and taste absolutely delicious. The flesh of the jackfruit is normally starchy and fibrous but it become soft and sweeter after being baked, LOVED it! I can see myself polishing the whole batch haha 🙂

jackfruit cupcake 1

jackfruit cupcake 2

Pink Ribbon at British Women Association Lunch


During Breast Cancer Awareness Month each October, people raise money by organizing activities such as theme parties or a “pink day”. The money raised is donated to the organizers’ choice of breast cancer care or research programs.

This year I’m honored to be able to participate in British Woman Association charity lunch held in BWA House in Jakarta,thanks to Phyllis Hatful, the British ambassador wife for Jakarta whom also belong to my Indonesia Heritage Society group. It was a very well organized “Pink Lunch” with all proceed goes to Jakarta Breast Cancer Research Program.


PS. The pink ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness. I baked fresh strawberry cupcakes with buttercream frosting to match the theme, they were deliciously lovely.

Summertime FUN

Strawberry with Chocolate Topper

These are Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry buttercream (hence the pink sandy result), made for Yuni’s order for a girlfriend B’day gift.

I’m using summer theme chocolate topper, took me forever to do it but the result was soooo satisfying,

one happy baker here !!!!

Coffee Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting

Made this for Lisza, who’s requesting Coffee Cupcakes for her restaurant ‘Orleans’

After trying so many different frosting I’m finally happy with Raspberry (^_^)

Its a gorgeous mix between the coffee aroma and fresh raspberry frosting .. I could eat a dozen in one seating … somebody please stop me !!!!!