Chocolate Drip Cake

It means “Thank You” in Russian.

My very first chocolate drip cake, I’ve made it for my daughter Gymnastics Coach farewell party. Loving the glossy result of the chocolate ganache, very pretty! Will try it on cupcakes one day soon.

Do Svidaniya Coach Mariya ❤

Easter Baking

In between swimming training, rubik cubes playing, art colouring and book reading, Little Miss and I managed to bake some Chocolate Cookies and Banana Bread today. I still remembered vividly all those time Little Miss helped me baking Easter cookies in Jakarta, Bangkok and Shanghai, it was so much fun but lot’s of patience (and cleaning) required. Nowadays I just made the dough and she’ll take over the rest (including cleaning up!), lucky me.  This time around we skipped the royal icing on the cookies (too time consuming) so sprinkled confectioner sugar it is. We had warm cookies before hitting the gym and fresh banana bread for breakfast tomorrow, happy days!

Sunday Swim, Slime, Play

Once in a blue moon my daughter will asked me sweetly if she can have playdate on her day off. As you know, her daily schedule on weekdays were jam packed with school activities and sports training. Every few weekends I do give in and let her play the whole day, after all she’s just a child who happened to be an athlete.

After a few text messages on a sunny Sunday her friend Bea arrived and all I can hear were endless chatter and laughter, they had a good swim (both were swimmer), went tumbling in our apartment indoor kids playground (yup, both were gymnasts) and made DIY slime (I’m still not a big fan but I have no saying on this one, they’re crazy about it *sigh*). For their merienda I baked banana bread in mini heart shape tin, cooked ramen noodle with broccoli and sliced few oranges, not in the picture were cheese curls and mini chocolate bars that they chowed in between playing. It was really nice to see both girls had fun-tastic time and I promised them we’ll have another one plan very soon ❤


It stands for Lions Gymnastics Club, my daughter’s school gymnastics team. We had social gathering after training session to celebrate the team members on their FOBISIA 2017 achievement yesterday.  I’ve made banana chocolate bundt cake, sugar cookies and chocolate cookies, ordered 100 pcs pork BBQ (my daughter favourite skewers food!) and we’ve got parents sending all kinds of food which the hungry gymnasts enjoyed immensely. So nice to see parents, kiddos and coaches were engaging in lovely chat in between munching yummy treats. Congratulations Team


We’re back!

Had marvellous time chaperoning my daughter and her gymnastics team to compete in FOBISIA Gymnastics 2017 in Bangkok, stressful in the beginning (probably a few parents like yours truly, but for sure not all hehe) but overall we had a blast. On the day that we arrived in Bangkok we’ve got to ushered the whole gymnastics team and their supporters to Harrow International School for Podium Training prior checking in to our hotel. The next day was the first competition day for MAG (Man Age Group) level 1-4 and WAG (Woman Age Group) level 2-4. My daughter is in level 5 and due to compete the day after so we were taking it easy in the hotel and try to stay chill.

Day 2 of competition went by so fast, my daughter was the only girl in level 5 representing her school and she did very well in each apparatus, she won first place on Floor and 3rd place overall, absolutely fantastic achievement, very proud of her.

Now that FOBISIA gymnastics is done and dusted, as promised, she’s allowed to have a few treats before going back to her healthy meal routine. The first thing she had was a large sliced of Hawaiian pizza at Dean & Deluca in Suvarnabhumi International airport, she was enjoying every bite of it!

Got back home in Manila a few days ago and she asked me to bake one of our family favourite baked goodies, Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies. So today I made it for her, my preferred ingredients for this moist brownies were freshly ground almond and organic dark chocolate, the key is to bake it in a very low temperature. Also to  make it extra special I sprinkled a generous amount of Callebaut semi sweet chocolate chips on top, trust me, the whole house smells so divine when the brownies were ready!

Of course Little Miss Gymnast got an ice cream with her brownies, a very well deserved treat.  Ariel, you never cease to amaze us, congratulations mi amor ❤

Brownie – lah

We’re back!

My daughter and her gymnastics team went to Singapore for  Prime Invitational  2016 gymnastics competition, as usual I’m the lucky Mama that got to travel with her. It’s her first international competition in a new level (she trained in less than 2 months to prepare this competition) and being the youngest one in her team to compete in the same level I didn’t have any expectations whatsoever for her. She did very well, didn’t fall on her beam routine, performed her skills beautifully (I’m being bias here) and we both learned a lot from the competition results. On top of that we’ve got to catch up with a few of our close friends whom reside in Singapore not to mention all the yummy food and sweet treats that we just can’t have enough, we love Singapore!

The girls learned Sing-lish very quickly and by the second day of the trip they’re adding the ending “lah” in all their sentences and it’s contagious 😜

As I’m typing this blog I have freshly baked Toblerone brownie cooling off on my kitchen counter, nothing beat chocolate brownie on gloomy Manila day -lah!



School midterm break is finally here! It also means having my little helper in my baking studio, so much FUN! As you know she’s been busy training and competing in sport events the last couple of months and I’m so happy she got a mini break from her routine.

Back to baking, her request this time was to make sugar cookies with dark chocolate filling (its my take on Alfajor aka cookie sandwich sans dulce de leche) since she wants to share it with her Gym buddies and some of them preferred chocolate over caramel. It takes less than an hour to make and best eaten while it’s fresh,  LOVE it!