Child Hope


My 2nd time around taking part in Ma’am Manila feed drive for Child Hope. I’m so glad I cleared my schedule and went to Museo Pambata to attend the event, seeing the children eyes all lit up when they have the cupcakes in their hands was absolutely wonderful ♥️


Happy Lemon

Sweet ending of the swimming season this school term, Little Miss collected her medals from ISM Fall Swim Meet, she won 2 Gold (50m Back & 50m Butterfly) and 2 Silver (100 IM & 50 Breast), fantastic efforts mi amor, we’re very proud of you!

I baked lemon cupcakes to celebrate her achievements for tea, no more bleachers till January for this Mama, bring on the holidays ❤️



It is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine (my daughter installed it on my mobile phone in-case she forgot to bring her iPad but honestly I haven’t take a peek on it). Nevertheless these Minecraft cupcakes theme were Maggie’s request for her son 7th birthday party, an image of the character Steve on pull apart cupcakes cake and Creeper face on mini cupcake.

Mcraft in the making-1


Happy birthday Hong!

Chocolate, Almond & Quinoa

Top 3 ingredients for my delicious Gluten Free cupcake, baking a special batch for my dear friend Yannie whom celebrating her special day today. I’ve decorated it with  yellow roses topper representing joy & friendship.

Received below message from her just now :

5/13/15, 6:58:54 PM:
Yannie Murphy: Esti the cupcakes were amazing!!!!! Ewan had 3, I had 3, Dom wanted 3 but felt guilty about putting on weight 🙂 thank you for such a thoughtful gesture my dear – really touching. And your gluten free chocolate cupcakes are now my favourite!! Hands down!

One happy baker here ❤

choc quinoa1

choc quinoa 1.1

choc quinoa 2 best

Happy birthday dearest Yannie, safe travels xoxo



I’ve donated these yummy chocolate cupcakes to Wish the event for their bake sale table at British School Manila earlier this evening, all proceeds will go to Aeisha fund and PCF.  Little Aiesha was diagnosed with a brain tumour, it’s currently Grade 1 pre-cancerous but its already affecting Aeisha’s eyesight so there is an urgency to get little Aeisha the treatment. Should you wish to help you can go to here

We went to the event with some friends and had a great Sunday evening watching the performances and catching up with friends, big kudos to the organizers and I’m happy to be a small part of it.

bake sale

Fancy Nancy

My daughter used to read Fancy Nancy the book endlessly when she was 6 years old, I was all ears when she talked about her plans to move to Paris when she’s older to open up a bakery! I asked her if I could go with her,  she said that I could come and visit anytime. Now couple years later her future plan shifted, to swim in the Olympics is in her agenda. When Sarah ordered these cupcakes for her daughter I was delighted, it brings back sweet memory, the conversations I had with my daughter, the fancy words, the dress up (Fancy Nancy wears tiara and fancy dresses!), love it!

Happy birthday Lola xoxo


crowns & tier