Pull-apart Cupcakes Cake

Pull apart cupcakes cake

Pull apart cupcakes cake

Barney, BJ & BeBop

Baby Jaguar

Hello Kitty 2

chase paw patrol

Esti Miki 46

car pull apart 1

Cory and Brown

Golden pig3


© Esti 2014 swimmer 3

© Esti 2014 Metrobank 2

© Esti 2014 pacman 1


© Esti 2014 Maika Kaelynn 3

© Esti 2014 shou 1

EstiMU 2

Cupcakes cake are cupcakes that are arranged so that the top can be decorated to look like a sheet cake. Also called “pull apart cupcakes cake“, the cupcakes can be pulled from the body of the cake to give each person the best of all treats – their own cupcake!

It consists of several regular size cupcakes & all images were made with freestyle hand drawing depends on the custom theme requested (number, sport, logo, character, etc). Definitely a piece of art since its customized and one of a kind. Minimum 1 week notice required should you wish to order.

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