Bazaar at Kerry Parkside


My first bazaar in China! It was a great day to be out and selling cupcakes. Within 5 minutes after I started placing the Giant cupcake on the table customers just flooded in, one happy baker here.

To all our friends, family and friend of a friend, thank you all for coming and showing us your love. See you at the next event.



WIC Bazaar at Jakarta International Convention Centre

My friend Lesley from Lelby living asked me to do a collaboration in this 2 days event (Oct 28 &29), and I say yes … its the biggest bazaar venue and the longest too, also the second day being my birthday is just to sweet.

I was thrilled to see my family and closed friends enjoying my red velvet cupcakes and shopping at the bazaar, absolutely fantastic.

PS. I sold over 400 cupcakes on the spot in 2 days and received so many inquires for upcoming events, yaaayyyy!


May 6th, 2008

We left the house at 7 am to Ritz Carlton in Kuningan and our stand was ready by 8 am .. the bazaar started at 9 am, during that 1 hour free time I met some interesting new friends . Slow start at the beginning (still 3 in 1 time) but after 10 am it was packed !

I brought 300 cuppies consists of Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Orange & Poppyseed, Oreo Cookies and Dulche de leche. Got some nice comments for the cuppies taste and appearance (yipeeee) & my sillicon happy feet (the one in blue, orange & yellow) was getting lots of attention too .. everybody asked about them .. thank you, Ani !!

By 12 noon I only left with half dozen standard cuppies and 8 large individual packed cuppies .. yaaayyyy .. time for me to do some shopping too