Tara 10 tara bday party

Hooray for hitting the big “1-O” today. This is the first day of the rest of your double-digit life.

Start enjoying it right now—on the double!

Happy Birthday Tara

Yo-Kai Watch 妖怪ウォッチ

Komasan, Jibanyan & Whisper

Have you seen these cute character before?
Left to right : Komasan, Jibanyan and Whisper. I watched the anime TV series with my daughter and loving it! The story was inspired by yōkai (spirit/ghost) from Japanese mythology, these spirits are responsible for mysterious happenings occurring either with people or objects around us.

Thank you Misuzu for the challenge, I had great time creating these birthday cupcakes for Junta.

Junta birthday Komasan, Jibanyan & Whisper

Komasan, Jibanyan & Whisper jn box


luci 1

Time and Relative Dimensions in Space (TARDIS) is Dr Who’s spaceship that resembles a blue police phone box (but changes its appearance depending on its surroundings) and is much, much larger inside than outside, he is traveling in it through time and space to solve problems and battle injustice across the universe. Dr Who is a British science-fiction television programme produced by the BBC.

This edible Tardis were drawn on red velvet cupcakes and oreo cupcakes by yours truly, Verona’s request for Luci’s 11th birthday celebration.

luci last

luci top

Happy birthday Luci!

IronMig’s Birthday


It’s my better half special day and I’ve baked up a storm!

Made pull apart Oreo cupcakes cake of number 46 and Ironman logo on it (since my husband did the Ironman Melbourne with flying colours we nicknamed him Ironmig), 30 mini vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and red M&M’s (M stands for Mi Amor, Miguel, Manila, Melbourne, ironMan), 5 layers vanilla cake with dulce de leche filling and chocolate frosting, 2 rectangular Leche Flan and a big jar of Madeleines. Completed all in less than 24 hours, definitely sleep deprived but very happy with the results.

Esti Miki 46

46 side

 46 in box


We celebrated his birthday in the morning just the 3 of us with a cupcake breakfast and piano rendition of the Happy Birthday song by Little Miss (a family tradition) then I’ve ordered Philippino food for his office where he had lunch celebration with his staff (with the M’s cupcakes) and last but not least we did Argentinian BBQ dinner with our close friends (one of the highlight of the evening was watching his Ironman Melbourne journey on a big screen, awesomeness!). All baked goods were big hits, nothing left at the end of the party, one happy baker here 🙂

Feliz cumpleaños mi amor, te quiero mucho ❤

Miki bday cupcake

Miki bday candles blowing in office

Private Cinema

46 lit up