BSM Logo ~ Football

Esti bsm 2

Esti bsm logo

Esti bsm jersey

Another birthday celebration during BSM RIFA tournament, the pull apart cupcakes cake with BSM logo on the football field were Vanilla cupcakes and the BSM Jerseys were Chocolate cupcakes. The best part of it; they WON!

Cupcakes for the Champions ❤

bsm 5

Photo courtesy of the birthday boy’s Mum, thank you Cat.

Happy birthday Leo & Jo-Ko!

Adobo Magazine

Adobo magazine 1

Adobo magazine 2

Caramel cupcakes with dulce de leche filling, buttercream frosting and cut out sugar fondant, Angel’s order for Cha’s and Ellen birthday celebration in Adobo Magazine office.

Slight changes on the ingredients, I’m using Bob Redmill organic whole wheat flour and organic eggs for the cupcakes as per her request. I like working on special order, it’s a great learning process for me since different ingredients will give different result. Must say that whole wheat flour is very aromatic, the cupcakes were smell almost nutty when freshly baked, loved it.

Below is Angel message with Cha’s & the cupcakes image on my Facebook timeline :

It was Cha’s first birthday in adobo! A special one for a special person. Happy Birthday dear.
(The caramel cupcakes were made from the home kitchen of Esti Feuermann who made them out of organic flour and eggs per my request. Hand crafted all. Such a talented lady!) — with Cha Clarino.

Cha - Adobo magazine

One happy Baker here ❤

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

cyclist 2

Yannie asked me to bake cupcakes for her husband birthday party, he’s a cyclist so naturally she wants me to do the decoration involving bicycle. I happen to have a stash of cyclists cupcake topper, bought it last year in one of the baking supplies shop overseas since my husband is a triathlete I need to have one of these handy. The moment Yannie told me about the bicycle theme cupcake I know exactly what I want to do! Since I’m decorating for mini cupcakes it’s a perfect size to do a bike race theme. I made the race track, some grass topper, add tiny flowers and voila … we’ve got bike race going on! It looks even better when all the candles lit up, LOVE it !

Happy birthday Dominic.

cyclist 1

cyclists lit up

blow the candle

Little Miss Turns 8

© Esti 2013 Me

The big day is finally here, after 1 week running errands booking the entertainers, getting the sound system, table & chairs, confirming the photo booth and several trips to Divisoria & Binondo area (Chinatown of Manila) then I was baking for 3 days straight with the occasional break to sleep and to go to school to drop off/pick up Little Miss. I baked Chocolate cookies in star shape with crystal sugar, Alfajores (butter cookies with dulce de leche filling), eggless chocolate cookies with m&m centre, 24 caramel cake pops,Toblerone brownies, 1 giant vanilla cupcake with chocolate filling and buttercream frosting with pink rose swirl and 60 oreo cupcakes with buttercream frosting, half were decorated in crystal sugar (to match the disco party theme, as per my daughter request) the rest were in pink rose swirl and white swirl with glittery non pareil. Needless to say I was exhausted but happy, I pulled it off!

© Esti 20133U4A2080

© Esti 20133U4A2093

© Esti 2013 Giant Cupcake© Esti 2013 disco theme

Everything went well, I received nothing but compliments, we all had a blast.

Feliz cumpleanos Arielita, te quiero mucho!