Flower Garden

Flower right

Flower left

Flower box

Time flies, last year I’ve made this Frozen theme cupcakes for Eriko’s 5th birthday and suddenly she’s turning 6 this week. Her birthday party theme is Art in the Garden so her Mum asked me to make blossom topper on her birthday cupcake, one of my favourite topper!  There’s something about the soft pastel buttercream colours and the beautiful shapes of the flowers that just so soothing in the eyes, don’t you think?

Happy 6th birthday Eriko Chan.

Flower Garden top view


S Logo


My favourite project over the weekend, creating the famous superhero theme cupcakes ❤

It’s my friend Pat’s 2nd cupcakes order for her family member birthday, this time around is for her son Seppi. I did the iconic Superman logo with cut out sugar fondant, several red stars, number 3 and I’m playing with the blue, red and yellow colours combination. By the way, I love this particular Wilton cupcakes stand, it made the whole theme works spectacularly.

Happy 3rd birthday Seppi!

Superman vertical


Superman in tier wide angle



My friend Sunmee asked me to bake cupcakes for her oldest son birthday celebration, a dozen cupcakes with football theme for his 12th birthday. My favourite things to make for this particular theme is the grass topper on the cupcakes, just love it ❤

Happy birthday Jay!

Sunflowers, Roses and Gypsophilia

Esti nicole's bday cupcake

I’ve made these special edible “flowers” for my dear friend birthday celebration today. As you know I love creating flower topper with buttercream on cupcakes, these ones in particular were very challenging since they were mini in size. Also my first time making Gypsophilia (baby breath), LOVE it!

Happy birthday Nicole xoxo

Esti nicole's bday cupcake in box

nicole's bday

PS. We took her out for Thai lunch in Makati, I was very happy to have a fair share of Mango sticky rice 🙂

1st Birthday

car pull apart 1


Lightning McQueen


How exciting, 1st birthday celebration for Jeff’s baby boy! I remembered my daughter 1st birthday party, she was napping halfway through the party and not impressed with the candle blowing ceremony but LOVE the cake 🙂

Jeff asked me to do a pull apart cupcakes cake of Lightning McQueen for his son, typically referred to by his surname McQueen, is an anthropomorphic race car in the animated Pixar film Cars (2006), its sequel Cars 2 (2011) and TV shorts known as Car Toons. I really enjoyed transforming the cupcakes cake with this famous character (we went to see him at Disneyland Hongkong!), love the bold colours and his smiley face. Did several individually wrapped cupcakes with number 1 pin up in matching colour as well for the party favour.

Happy birthday Jared!

ready to go

Go England

Go England

World Cup fever pull apart cupcakes cake, Happy Birthday Joanne!

PS. Consists of chocolate cupcakes with caramel filling and Oreo cupcakes with buttercream frosting, Bart’s order for his lovely wife birthday celebration.

© Esti 2014 pull apart england

60th Birthday

© Esti 2014 Golf


I am grateful for my golfer husband, he’s the one who told me where to put the green, the bunker, the water, the 3 different kind of grass texture for this puzzle cupcake cake, his first time designing an edible mini golf 🙂 These Golf theme cupcakes were Mbak Wati’s order for her husband 60th birthday celebration. Consists of Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache filling and buttercream frosting (the green grass), Caramel cupcake with dulce de leche filling with butter cream frosting (the Putting Green) and oreo cupcake with chocolate buttercream costing (the bunker) it’s one of my favourite project this week. By the way, this is her 2nd time ordering birthday cupcakes from us, her first cupcake order was the famous Alpacasso theme cupcakes for her daughter birthday party.

Thank you Mbak Wati and Happy Birthday Bli Putu Kamayana.

© Esti 2014DSCN0932

© Esti 2014DSCN0937

Under the Sea

Ocean Theme Amrita

Adhiti’s order for her daughter 14th birthday party, 38 chocolate cupcakes with butter cream frosting and under the sea creatures theme. All toppers were made by yours truly with edible chocolate, my favourite is the dolphin!

Happy birthday Amrita!