New idea¬†sometimes came from an ordinary object, in my case I bought this book because I like the cover, books stack together is one of my favourite sight since I was very young. This particular book cover gives me an idea to decorate the vanilla cupcake without it’s liner, cut it into 3 pieces and stack it back with vanilla frosting in between and voila, it’s ready to party!

Its tall and pretty with all the extra buttercream in it, my daughter said it looks like mini wedding cake ‚̧

Birthday Stories


“Have a Good Time”

Yesterday it was my birthday.
I hung one more year on the line.
I should be depressed.
My life’s a mess.
But I’m having a good time.

I’ve been loving and loving and loving.
I’m exhausted from loving so well
I should go to bed.
But a voice in my head says,
“Ah, what the hell.”

Paul Simon