School Christmas Party

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My daughter 3rd Christmas party in school with her year group and my second year being the Class Mum. Luckily my fellow class mums are my best friends hence we’re always in sync. Last event of this school term is the class Christmas party, we’ve thrown in extra special party  with fabulous decor, carving station & the trimmings and sweet galore by yours truly ( I’ve made 72 pcs mini vanilla cupcakes and 150 pcs christmas cookies). It was a huge success, we re the talk of the town!


y5 cuppies

Bridal Shower

Once a month I attend the Indonesian ladies gathering in Manila, basically we all catching up in our mother tongue while enjoying delicious spread of our national food which is a real treat when you live abroad. It’s also a perfect forum to meet people and see new places, at least for me since my daily routine to go out and about is quiet predictable (my daughter school,yoga studio, groceries & baking supplies shop). Truthfully I’ve met some of my closest friends in this gathering.

Today in particular we have special occasion for Maria, she is getting married and we’re giving her the traditional bridal shower to wish her all the best for her new journey. The whole ceremony and the setting was very beautiful, if I closed my eyes I think I’m being teleported back home! Dress code of the day was white kebaya and batik bottom but the bride to be changed her outfit 3 times, just beautiful. To mark the special occasion I’ve baked butter cookies with lace kebaya (our traditional blouse) icing on it.

Congratulations Maria, wishing you all the best.

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Indonesian ladies

Bride to be


Some of you probably didn’t know this but prior my cupcake baking I was a Cookie Mama, I baked all sort of cookies from scratch almost daily. Been collecting numerous glass cookie jar and pretty cookie tins from every country we lived in over the years which I filled with my home made baked goodies to the brim. Normally my cookie baking frenzy kicked-in on festive months, recently I’ve been baking cookies daily, again. My daughter loves it when I pick her up from swimming squad practice with freshly baked cookies in my hand, all her friends loved it too, sharing is caring 🙂

Nothing beat freshly baked cookies, believe me. It made the whole house smells wonderful too (butter and sugar awesomeness!). So if you ever passing by my neck of the wood, do come over for cookie break and coffee.

PS. These absolut delish butter cookies in football shape is Tania’s order for her son birthday party.

Football Cookies

Christmas Cookies

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It’s our family tradition to baked festive cookies for family and friends in December, the most waited time of the year. This time around the cookies even made it safe and sound to Vancouver, Canada! I’ve made 2 sizes of sugar cookies this year, the large ones were individually wrapped as hampers filling and the bite size ones were served in our annual christmas dinner party. I also baked oatmeal with chocolate chips and M&M’s cookies (Santa’s favourite) and festive pinwheel cookies (my daughter favourite). Nothing beat freshly baked cookies for the holiday.

Wishing you joyful Christmas wherever you are.

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